1. What must I do to apply for a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit?

    • Register with an instructor at this list
    • Take a class with said instructor
    • Upon receiving certificate you have one year to submit your online application with the state police and follow instructions from there
  2. What’s the current wait times for receiving your permit?

    • It varies wildly from 10 days to 10 months.  The best thing you can do to speed up your permit process is submit the application and payment online.  And then go to the BR State Police headquarters to get your finger prints done.
  3. Should I get the lifetime or the 5 year permit?

    • I believe the wiser choice is to stick with the 5 year permit.  You still have to re-certify your training every 5 years with the lifetime permit.  Plus, you lose the NCIS Background Check skip capability at some gun stores with the lifetime permit.
  4. I’d like some further training, do you offer any?

  5. What’s the safest way to practice at home without having to fire a shot?

    • Dry fire practice utilizing the nickel drill is by far the best drill you can do at home to improve your trigger discipline.  Simply balance a nickel on the frame near the front sight.  Try to keep the nickel there throughout the pulling and breaking of the trigger.  Remember: remove the ammunition from the room.  Triple check the gun is empty.  Aim in a safe direction.  Once you’re done with the drill walk to the ammunition reminding yourself that practice is over.
  6. I see other instructors offering a “Full Package” class with fingerprints, passport photos, and applications done for me.  Why don’t you offer this?

    • Because they are selling services that are no longer required (passport photos and paper applications), and will significantly reduce the speed you get your permit from the state. I believe the practice to be a little dishonest.
  7. How much does it cost to get your permit?

    • Classes generally cost $120 + Ammunition (20 bucks) – I do offer numerous discounts (couples, bring a friend, military, EMT etc)
    • State fees are generally $130 – half that for those over 65.
    • Total to get your 5 year permit is $270 for the first time.
  8. Which gun should I purchase for the class?

    • None!  I have a couple pistols you can sample before you buy, and shoot them for the class.  I only ask you cover the cost of the ammunition.
  9. What do I need to bring with me to the class?

    • I have loaner eye and ear protection, but if you have your own bring it
    • A baseball hat
    • Payment for the class if you haven’t paid by invoice
    • The gun you intend to carry if you have it already (see #8)
    • The holster for the gun you intend to carry if you have it already (see #8)
    • Lunch or a plan on where to get it – I can not provide a lunch that is non cost prohibitive and that meet everyone’s dietary needs
  10. I’m terrified of guns, is it a good idea to take a class?

    • Absolutely.  My class is tailor made for first time gun owners or people who just generally want to know about firearms.  You do not have to have any previous firearms experience to register.  I can offer a private one-on-one class as well, you just pay for the range time and ammunition.
  11. Why should I take a class with Harrell Carry over other more experienced instructors?

    • See the About page