My name is Josh Harrell.  I am an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  I’ve been teaching firearms education and safety since 2009, starting formally in 2015.

I am not former military.  I am not a police officer.  I am not a kung-fu, krav maga, jui jistu master.

I am a regular civilian who has a passion for ensuring you get the quality education you need to safely carry a firearm every day.  I’ve taken numerous classes from types listed above.  And while many of the lessons carry over to civilian life, many do not.   I became an instructor when I learned about the numerous people who took classes that were well below the state-required minimum.  Think about how unprepared you are if you just watch a YouTube video and then try to go out and do what the video suggested.  That’s the kind of education folks were getting from some instructors.  This infuriated me.  These instructors are out there charging the same amount and giving you a third of the education.  Therefore, I strive to keep my costs down and give you (the student) the best possible education for your money.  I am connected to the needs of regular civilians, like us, who carry their firearms every day.